Sunday, April 7, 2013

On Disbanding the Army (1783)

On Disbanding the Army - Colonel David Humphreys

Ye brave Columbian bands ! a long farewell !
Well have ye fought for freedom - nobly done
Your martial task - the meed immortal won -
And Time's last records shall your triumphs tell.

Once friendship made their cup of suff 'rings sweet
The dregs how bitter, now those bands must part !
Ah ! never, never more on earth to meet;
Distill'd from gall that inundates the heart,
What tears from heroes eyes are seen to start !

Ye, too, farewell, who fell in fields of gore,
And chang'd tempestuous toil for rest serene;
Soon shall we join you on the peaceful shore,
(Though gulfs irremeable roll between),
Thither by death-tides borne, as ye full soon have been.

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